Statement Of Objective For Engineering Students In Search Of Scholarship 2021


Statement Of Objective For Engineering Students In Search Of Scholarship 2021

At the age of 30, I have an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering, have completed one STEM-related and three non-STEM-related projects, and have spent four years volunteering for ONE, one of the world’s largest non-governmental organizations dedicated to ending extreme poverty in low-income countries. All of the different aspects of my life and undergraduate experiences have helped to form these ambitions and motivate me to continue my studies in the field of engineering. I have eight months of undergraduate internship experience working in the energy industry; and a year post-graduation experience in interior electrical works and modeling.

The highlights of my experience include an extremely interesting internship, a grueling final year thesis, and a large quantity of information in a variety of fields garnered through my different extracurricular activities. I was successful in the bulk of the initiatives that were assigned to me in these activities. I was the president of the engineering faculty and worked on the ESDC, a STEM-related impact project Design Competition. ESDC is a competition that encourages Nigerian STEM students to apply technology to solve problems in their home country. Despite the fact that I was already committed to two non-academic projects, my final year project and schoolwork, I accepted the post of creativity head and contributed significantly in my role as faculty president. I was in responsible of giving the faculty students executives structure, as well as designing its style of operation and raising faculty knowledge of the ESDC, among other things; a significant undertaking for a first-time event. Seeing the candidates come up with technical answers to global concerns also inspired me to think of my own. Since then, the event has grown in popularity, becoming a household name at my alma university and throughout Nigeria’s STEM faculties.

Despite my active student unionism, I graduated with a CGPA of 4.46 out of 5. In my second undergraduate year, I applied for and earned the Total OML130 scholarship, as well as ranking second in the faculty-wide intellect competition and receiving the Abdulkabir Ishaku STEM Scholarship. In my third year, I took my first programming course and learned the JavaScript programming language. My favorite classes were design and 3D design, thermodynamics and energy, and software-based courses like intro to programming, AutoCAD, and Autodesk Inventor. I taught ten to my classmates on these courses. Apart from that, as part of my senior project, I have some research experience. The task of building a snake venom transport model in the human bloodstream was assigned to me. I had to learn about snakes, transport modeling, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and ANSYS with the help of a graduate student at my university. After learning the aforementioned and spending many hours and weekends researching research and finally running my simulations, I received some data on the rate of envenoming as an indication of the rate of development of symptoms. This aided me in reaching some findings regarding how to treat a snakebite from a west African Carpet viper, the snake venom variety responsible for the bulk of deadly attacks in the region.

I interned at an FMCG after graduating and currently work as a Piping Engineer for an Engineering Servicing firm modeling oil and gas offshore and on-shore facilities. Aside from my job, I continue to work on initiatives with societal implications. In June 2019, I devised a three-week vocational Skills training program for wards of a correctional facility to help them overcome poverty. This was my plan for completing my National Youth Service requirement. As a result, I received a certificate for National Meritorious Service.

All of the previous events gave me various employment and life objectives ideas, but one in particular stood out. During my six-month rotational internship, I gained experience in a variety of technical divisions within an energy producing and distribution company. This internship allowed me to apply what I learned in class into reality, to better understand why Nigeria’s power supply was sporadic, and to figure out how I might help resolve the problem. In 10 years, my long-term professional goal is to develop an energy solutions company that will assist in solving this problem. This company would build the largest and most efficient gas storage facilities in the country and Africa. This would be the first and only accomplishment of my company’s numerous. It would be in charge of getting Nigeria to the envisioned future of 24 hour, seven-day-a-week electrical delivery. To realize this goal, I’d like to get a position in a prestigious energy design firm after college. I worked in technical jobs for a few years before moving up to executive positions and learning more about policy and company management.

Georgia Tech is the right place for me to pursue a graduate degree since it not only boasts one of the top ten mechanical engineering schools in the country, but it also offers a dual degree program that allows me to pursue both an MSc and an MBA at the same time. Georgia Tech is also one of the few universities in the country that encourages students to focus their attention and training on social impact across fields, and even offers many classes for this purpose, one of which I want to attend. Furthermore, graduate school at Georgia Tech would give me access to a wide network of like-minded people from all around the world, allowing me to have the best learning experience possible. As a result, pursuing a graduate degree at Georgia Tech, which offers a Dual Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration, is an excellent fit for my personal and professional goals.


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