Best Tips To Apply For Young African Leadership Initiative Regional Leadership Certer (YALI RLC)


Best Tips To Apply For Young African Leadership Initiative Regional Leadership Certer (YALI RLC)

The United States government created the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) in an effort to invest in the next generation of African leaders who would help grow the continent via enterprise, involvement in various arms of governance, entrepreneurship, and civil society.

The initiative runs in a cohort of two-three per year; If you’ve applied for the Young African Leaders Initiative Regional Leadership Center (YALI RLC) before and were unsuccessful, don’t panic; just think about what you didn’t do properly and make corrections; if you’re applying for the first time, now is your chance; I was picked on my first application. Here are some suggestions to improve your application’s chances.


HAVE A FOCUS; you may be doing a lot of things, but instead of bringing everything in, focus on one or two tasks that you’re most passionate about. Don’t mix things up, and if you’re combining two distinct projects, make sure they’re closely connected.

If you’re working on many projects at the same time, please choose the one that provides you the most information and allows you to tell more stories. This will help your application to be more coherent and your story to flow smoothly.

USE NUMBERS AND DATA: Numbers don’t lie, so have your data and numbers ready, such as: I started my project in xxxx year, and we’ve hired xxxx young people, xxxx women, and xxxx disabled individuals. Just be precise and offer forecasts for the future. Our project has benefitted xxxx, living in, and the likes. This will aid in determining the effect of your effort.

YALI wants to invest in you so that you may subsequently invest in others. You must create the link, and you must do it using numbers.

WHAT GETS YOU UP IN THE MORNING? EXPRESS IT EXPLICITLY: Motivation is the fuel that propels social change; what drives you to start your initiative as a young changemaker? What story has touched your heart and inspired you to see the change you’re trying to achieve? What, more significantly, compelled you to apply for YALI? What do you want to achieve? Make sure you can articulate it clearly.

There is a part concerning your future work following YALI. Make it about the people and your country, which will undoubtedly contribute to our continent’s progress.

AVOID LIES: There are enough truths about you to make your application successful; don’t lie about what qualifications you have or don’t have, or what job you’ve done or haven’t done.

As an international organization, YALI recognizes that no one is perfect, and that we all have flaws, which is one of the program’s main goals, to groom young leaders. Be honest with yourself and your application; if you are found misrepresenting yourself in your application, you may be blacklisted by YALI and its affiliated partners and sponsors.

VOLUNTEERING IS PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Because volunteering is also a professional experience, make sure you only include experience that is relevant to your application. If you don’t have full-time experience, use your volunteer experience to your advantage. Because you were a part of helping an organization accomplish its purpose, it qualifies as professional experience. Consider the intricacies of your job in that company and how they relate to a larger picture.

It’s as much about what you’re saying as it is about how you’re expressing it.

PERMIT YOUR STORY TO EXTEND: Ensure that your stories are connected and that your backup responses mirror your answers to the interpersonal, administrative, and leadership skills questions.

Finally, don’t rush through the application process. It is not necessary to complete it in one sitting. Pause for a moment. Pose inquiries. Before you send in your final submission, go through your responses; would you choose you if you were on the opposite side as a reviewer? That inquiry aided in the development of my responses and the sharing of my tale.

I wish you the best of luck, and I hope you’ll share your acceptance email with me the next time we chat about YALI!


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