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iDixcover Opportunities


IDixcover Opportunities is a digital learning hub that uses digital technology and an innovative approach to create access to employment, internships, grants, volunteer , fellowship, and scholarships opportunities for young people across Africa. We are also training and empowering women from rural and underserved communities, by providing them with vocational, soft and professional skills to help them become more employable and future entrepreneurs. The aim is to enable young people to translate every opportunity into success and close the gap between opportunity seekers and providers for mutual benefit through information sharing and capacity building. IDixcover also shares success stories of young, transformative leaders around the world.


IDixcover Opportunities focus on African youth seeking to accelerate their personal and career development, both locally and internationally. We are also helping young people gain the experience and skills needed to successfully gain

access to various opportunities.



  • Free access to a variety of local and international opportunities.
  • Soft and vocational skills development
  • Connect participants with successful youth in the community and at the global level.
  • Free access to mentoring, education resources, support, life Coaching and professional advice.

Opportunities to share your African story with the world.


To create awareness that will connect opportunities providers and opportunities seekers and foster quality education and work for economic development through various advocacy and empowerment training.


 Providing African youth with skills and tool to match opportunities they are seeking for.


Discipline, Timeliness, Accurate information, Accountability, Passion and Commitment to youth development.

Why We Exist

Access to information is one of the fundamental rights. Yet, despite enormous advances in digital technology, our research shows that only one in ten young Africans is aware of the possibilities available online. Furthermore, 70% of those who are aware of it don’t believe that they are real, since less than 5% of opportunity applicants find one. Others believe that opportunities are hoaxes and scams.

To counteract this belief, IDixcover Opportunities provide:

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Board Of Trustees

Anthonia Keji Moses

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