About Us

iDixcover is a workforce development Social Enterprise empowering African youths through technology and vocational education, and provision of free and direct access to mentors, local and global career opportunities. We partner with organizations and individuals to invest in workforce development.

We are designed to facilitate career development of unemployed and underemployed African youths through transformational digital and entrepreneurial learning outcome using online and onsite platforms. Our 21st century approach to unemployment and underemployment in Africa through digital literacy, soft skills and vocational skills training will enhance professional development of unemployed and underemployed African youths and connect them to mentors online, and local and global opportunities. This is to provide free access to information on opportunities, mentors and creative learning to 10 million African youths and create 10 thousand jobs by 2030.

Our mission is to provide free access to information on opportunities, mentors and creative learning to 10 million African youths and create 10 thousand jobs by 2030.

Our Story

“Despite excelling in school, obtaining a good job became challenging and frustrating. A bitter experience I don’t wish for any African youth, my undergraduate education only prepared me for literature reviews, not for real-life professional skills. Henceforth, I created a platform to help young people like me to have free access to information on opportunities, mentors and creative learning to 10 million African youths and create 10 thousand jobs by 2030” Abdullatef Lawal, founder of iDixcover

As a result, iDixcover provides:

  • Free Access to local and global jobs, scholarships, fellowships, internships and grants
  • Trains and empower the African youth on digital literacy, Vocational and Soft Skills.
  • Weekly information webinars on major opportunities.
  • We want to enshrine trust in the mind of African youth by providing them with basic skills, tools and opportunities they need to Excel.

Why iDixcover

Are you an unemployed or Underemployed African Youths? iDixcover is built for you and it is all you need to change your current status. iDixcover is for passionate African Youths seeking for a platform to accelerate their professional career.

PRACTICAL ONLINE AND OFFLINE SELF-PACED LEARNING: The training on iDixcover Hack is self-paced, affordable and reliable, users will learn the basic digital literacy skills such as web design, copywriting, graphics design, social media marketing, social media management, videography among others. valuable vocational skills such as Paint Making, Tomato Paste Production, Powdered Detergent Production, Bathing soap production, Body and Hair cream production. and soft skills such as CV writing, cover letter writing, business plan writing, grant application writing, proposal writing among others


MENTORING: As part of the learning process, users have access to our mentors who are young entrepreneurs and leaders in their respective professions. Mentoring can be peer-to-peer and peer-to-expertise. This will improve our users understanding of the industry.


COMMUNITY: As a student at iDixcover Academy, users have access to our community of similar young minds, share stories, collaborate with one another and grow together.


ACCESS TO LOCAL AND GLOBAL OPPORTUNITIES: As a student in iDixcover Academy, users can access local and global opportunities free of charge. iDixcover opportunities is one of the largest online opportunities search platforms focused on African youth.

Our Products

iDixcover Opportunities

This is a digital opportunity search platform that provides 100% free access to local and global Scholarships, Fellowships, Jobs, Internships, Grants, Contests, volunteering and Accelerator opportunities targeted at unemployed and underemployed African youths seeking to accelerate personal and professional developments.

iDixcover Academy

This is an e-learning platform designed to give unemployed and underemployed African youths with 21st-century digital literacy, vocational and soft skills training via online and onsite (Virtual and Physical) platforms.

Our Team

Idixcover Opportunities

Lawal Abdullateef



Anthonia Keji Moses



Patrick Boscher


WhatsApp Image 2021-09-20 at 14.13.29

Deborah Popoola

Social Media Specialist

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-18 at 22.44.09

Shahd Albasim



Abbas Abubakar

IT Manager


Ella Ishaku

Financial Manager


Zainab Usman

Project Manager

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