As a child, our founder Abdullateef  Lawal grew up in small rural community of Kagara in Nigeria, who were predominantly peasant farmers, who farm mainly for consumption, lack access to social amenities and only very few children of the community were opportune to go to school. 

After graduating  from the University, most of his friends and colleagues were able to secure jobs, win scholarships, volunteering jobs, entrepreneurial workshops and financial aids (loans/Grant) to boost their businesses. On his part, he became hopeless and helpless. He thought he was misfortune as he couldn’t get access to any of these opportunities. Later on, he realized his friends utilize the opportunities they found online. Himself and millions of African youths were not aware of opportunities online. 

In 2018, he became aware of these opportunities, he applied for 15 opportunities that he was eligible for, he couldn’t win anyone of those 15, he became so sad and frustrated, likewise having a platform to share his entrepreneurial story was a big challenge, he need people and investors to be aware of his initiative alas no one to leverage on the national dailies are far from reach, the experience is toxic and pathetic.

In 2019, he spoke to some youths who have won these awards/grants/scholarship and got their initiative story shared, he told them about his plight and they render guidance on how to go about applying and winning opportunities, he got lots of acceptance letter and even won a grant to execute some of his projects. 

Having realized the impacts of having access to opportunities, and Knowing how to utilize the opportunities and the wide gap between Africa youths and opportunities, he founded iDixcover Opportunities, a digital education hub to provide access to jobs, grants, fellowship, scholarship, internship and volunteering opportunities to African youths and also training them on how to utilize the opportunities, more importantly, we recognized outstanding young change makers and share their stories to the world.

As an empowerment vehicle, we organized virtual and onsite training both soft and vocational skills to youth, women and other vulnerable groups living in rural and underserved communities. Our vocational training ranges from preservation of agriculture produced and reduced post harvest waste, others includes: catering, cosmetology among others.

In 2020, we share over 300 opportunities both local and international, we trained over 10,000 unemployed youth, women and other vulnerable groups living in rural and underserved communities. Over 15 young change makers stories were shared on our platform and over 50,000 youth have been reached through our various digital outreaches.

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