Deadline: 5th July, 2021

Apply For ICYF Symposium Programme 2021

Application is now open for ICYF Symposium Programme 2021. The Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF) and Religions for Peace (RfP) in collaboration with the Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries (SESRIC); the International Islamic Fiqh Academy (IIFA); the Research Center for Islamic History, Art and Culture (IRCICA); the Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas; Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs, Georgetown University; and the Institute of Human Righs and Peace Studies, Mahidol University, are organizing a symposium on “Youth Engagement with Religion and Faith in the 21st Century,” scheduled for 28-29 July 2021, followed by a publication of research and presentations to be launched in October 2021.

Recognizing the energy and commitment of youth leaders all over the world to advance the mission of multi-religious cooperation for comprehensive and holistic peace, Religions for Peace and ICYF issue this Call for Contributions to the upcoming symposium. The symposium will explore the theme of youth engagement with religion and faith, focusing on the interaction of youth and faith along the sub-themes of Peacebuilding,  Environmentalism and Humanitarianism. The Symposium will also be accompanied by a future publication, drafted from the collated written or creative contributions of the Contributors.

This symposium will be organized as a 4-hour virtual convening of roughly 25-30 contributors. It will include keynote addresses, short breaks, hour-long workshops with breakout sessions, and the anticipated outcome of concrete recommendations.


This symposium will examine to what extent religious and spiritual dimensions inform, motivate, and activate youth within their communities, particularly in issues such as peacebuilding, environment and humanitarianism and in what ways do religious worldviews form youth understanding of their own place in the world and inform their interactions with it. As part of the symposium, there would be three concrete deliverables in addition to the symposium itself: an academic publication, an online publication that includes both the academic and creative submissions, and a policy recommendation paper.

 Around 40-50 participants will be selected to make presentations among the recommended youth, experts, scholars, researchers, academicians and practitioners, provided by various institutions and based on the criteria below that would take into consideration their age, gender, region, religion (including non-religious and indigenous) to ensure diversity and inclusivity as well as the substance of the contribution.

Criteria for the contributors/participants:

  1. Dedicated intellectuals with a real passion to introduce initiatives for a better world with the scope of the forum.
  2. Researchers who have personal, professional and educational knowledge related to the themes of discussions answering three or four questions reflecting their critical observations on youth and religion related dynamics within the sub-them of peace and security, humanitarianism and environment.
  3. Youth with an interest, exposure or experience in any of the three thematic areas of peacebuilding, environment and humanitarianism.
  4. Must submit proposal/Extended Abstracts (2-3 pages) and their full papers until scheduled deadline.

Proposals/Extended Abstracts should be:

The Full-Paper Should Be:

  1. What do you / your institution see happening – does religion seem to matter? How and Why?
  2. What kinds of challenges does this pose?  
  3. What kind of opportunities? 
  4. With a view to co-existence and building of inclusive societies with youth at the centre, what recommendations for action or policy would you/ your institution make to governments, intergovernmental actors and NGOs? 

For General Attendees:

General Attendees should meet the following criteria:

The final contributors/participants and general attendees selection will be made by the Selection Committee.



Selected contributors/participants and general attendees will receive an email confirmation with program details. Due to a limited timing, there will not be an opportunity to inform those who were not selected. The general information on selection results will be posted at ICYF, RFP websites and its social media accounts.


Contributors/participants and general attendees will be awarded a certificate issued by ICYF and RfP.



For more information visit the official webpage of ICYF Symposium Programme 2021

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