Fasaha 4.0 Digital Skills Development Programme 2021 For Girls and Young Women.


Fasaha 4.0 Digital Skills Development Programme 2021 For Girls and Young Women.

Application is now open for Fasaha 4.0 Digital Skills Development Programme 2021. Fasaha 4.0, loosely translated as “knowledge economy 4.0”, is a digital skills development programme designed to identify, prepare and connect disadvantaged girls and young women with emerging skills in the knowledge economy. The programme aims to integrate more females into the digital ecosystem and significantly improve girls and women’s economic participation in the digital space.

The digital skills programme is designed to provide a gender lens that incorporates gender-sensitive designs, analyses, implementation and evaluation that addresses the barriers that persistently deny access across all aspects of participation in the digital economy for women.

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The Programme’s core deliverables are to:
  • Identifying key emerging technologies in demand across Nigeria and globally to skill-up women with industry 4.0 competencies and provide a strong gender lens with a focus on training young disadvantaged women
  • Explore multi-stakeholder partnerships with technology ecosystem players locally and globally & create opportunities to deliver in-demand skills that prepare participants for a transition to digital opportunities in the new world order (i.e. COVID-19 pandemic) due to dual disruptions of lives and livelihoods.
  • Target girls and young women from disadvantaged groups with a focus on a selection mix that consists of (a) young women aspiring for a tech career, (b) young women affected with core societal issues like GBV, Fistula, IDP etc., (c) “catch them young” targeting girls in dropouts in secondary awaiting admissions in the University.
  • Develop an innovative remote content delivery process that supports remote learning, physical facilitation and practical hands-on through experiential learning. This delivery process integrates event styled curriculum with gamified learning to make participants enjoy learning using digital technologies. We will provide opportunities for young women to learn remotely while having personalized physical facilitation in groups through a data scholarship programme.
  • Identify and secure facilitation centres across our technology ecosystem partner to provide practical, hands-on learning experiences that provide a safe space and confidence level for young women of the programme.
  • Develop lifelong learning, cognitive and soft/social skills to provide confidence-building and mentorship for women and occupational transition to emerging technologies in the 4.0 economy.
  • Connect participants with both short term opportunities through outsourcing, internships and remote jobs opportunities using job fairs, hackathons and elancing platforms to enhance income opportunities and create a platform to use acquired skill sets to improve life quality.

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2021 Fasaha 4.0 Digital Skills Development Programme Streams

Digital Literacy

This is a beginner level course on computer appreciation, usage skills, content and digital marketing to promote businesses digitally.

UI/UX & App Development

This is an intermediate course focused on designing user interaction pages for software solutions and mobile apps.

Data Science & Machine Learning

This introduces participants to the use of big data and managing petabytes of data to generate insight and build AI models.

Delivery Mode:

Remote Learning

Integrate remote learning to support participants to connect and familiarise themselves with digital platforms for learning and collaboration

Gamified Learning

Integrate learning by playing to earn points using flashcards to understand the concept and terminologies of various track

Physical Facilitation

Integrate physical engagement sessions with instructors once a week to perform practical sessions and hands-on learning through instructors’ engagement.

Group Work

Integrate team-building skills through group work activities and case studies to build confidence and support learning.


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