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Todays fmardpace news, We will be answering your questions about fmardpace, AFJP and AFJP Famers – we will be answering some of the questions you have asked about the FG Fertilizer subsidy Grant.

Below are Answers to Questions you have been Asking:

What is FmardPace?

Answer : FMARDPACE Agriculture for Food and Jobs Plan (AFJP) is the Federal Government of Nigeria’s response to Covid19 pandemic aimed at increasing locally grown food supply and job creation.

What is the meaning of AFJP?

Answer: AFJP simply means Agriculture for food and job plan

Is the FG Fertilizer Subsidy a Loan or Grant?

Answer: It is a grant.

Who are Fmardpace Enumerators?

These are exited Npower batch A and B beneficiaries recruited by FMARDPACE to collate farmers data for the AFJP simply means Agriculture for food and job plan.

Who are AFJP Farmers?

Answer: AFJP farmers are farmers enumerated in the database of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development by State Agricultural Development Project (ADP) staff or Fmardpace Enumerators under the Economic Sustainability Plan, and Agriculture for Food and Jobs Plan (AFJP).

How much funds will be given to the AFJP farmers as grants?

Answer: Not specified yet.

How will a farmer know if he or she is selected for the Grant?

Answer: He/She will be contacted by the AFJP Fmardpace

What does It mean if I received the following message from AFJP Fmardpace?

a. Dear AFJP Farmer, you have qualified, for the Fertilizer Subsidy Grant by the Federal Government to enable you to source fertilizer for the web Season FMARDPACE.

Answer: This means you have been cleared to receive the grant. But need to still check that your bank account number is connected to your BVN

b. Dear AFJP Farmer, you have qualified for Fertilizer Subsidy Grant by Federal Government. Get a bank account before 07/07/2021 to process your payment. FMARDPACE.

Answer: this simply means that you should link your BVN with your bank account and if you don’t have a bank account, go to any bank of your choice and open an account then link it with your BVN before 07/07/2021

When will the payment commence?

Answer: Possibly This week

fmardpace News – What is fmardpace | AFJP | AFJP Famers

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