Deadline: October 18, 2021

Fully funded Catapult Canada Access Innovation Fund for Youth-Serving Organizations in Canada

Application is now open for Fully funded Catapult Canada Access Innovation Fund for Youth-Serving Organizations in Canada, The Catapult Access Innovation Fund supports youth-serving organizations in Canada to design, build, scale up and evaluate the impact of initiatives to better support Canadian youth in their learning goals, especially those underserved by the education system and disengaged from education and/or career pathways.

The objectives of the fund are to:

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The Rideau Hall Foundation’s Catapult Canada Access Innovation Fund invites applicants to submit proposals in its second open call process. Proposals are designated for registered non-profits or charities (qualified donnes) as well as grassroot groups or unincorporated organizations working with a shared platform (non-qualified donees). Applications should focus on project description, including alignment with the Catapult Canada mandate; what the project will do and the impact it will have. We recognize the importance of national learning and local context, as well as promoting strong coordination and partnership across government, funders, delivery organizations and educational systems.

The Access Innovation Fund will prioritize initiatives that:

For the second open call, in addition to alignment with the objectives of the Access Innovation Fund, we will also be prioritizing initiatives that:

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Catapult Canada Access Innovation Fund Process

Applications will be reviewed by a combination of an internal review team of RHF staff and an external team of volunteers from the RHF’s networks across Canada. During the application process, the RHF welcomes any clarification questions to help guide the submission of interested candidates. Following the submission deadline, we may request additional clarifying information from applicants as needed during our review.

Catapult Canada expects to fund multiple projects across the country. In this open call, we will be working with shared charitable platforms in order to provide funding to unincorporated and grassroots groups. To support this, we will be hosting an event for unincorporated groups to connect with shared platforms to support their Catapult grant applications. Funded groups will become part of a community dedicated to sharing project progress, findings and practices with a view to a wider knowledge dissemination strategy to inform the broader sect.

For more Information: Visit the website for Catapult Canada Access Innovation Fund for Youth-Serving Organizations in Canada (Fully funded)

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