Green Agribusiness Fund (GAF) 2021 for Young Africans (Nigeria & Rwanda)

Deadline: 30th July 2021

Application starts 1st July 2021

Green Agribusiness Fund is designed to invest in agribusiness initiatives/companies that are deemed socially responsible in their business dealings in various parts of Africa. These businesses must be owned by young Africans who are living in Africa.

The focus is to raise the next generation of agric entrepreneurs that will lead great initiatives in agriculture and position agriculture in Africa on the path of decent jobs creation, food security and improved living standard.

This GAF initiative will promote agribusinesses focusing on priority aspects of agriculture such as post harvest loss, climate smart farming, urban farming, seed and soil improvement, precision farming, agtech, access to market and agro commodity trading.

Green Agribusiness Fund (GAF) Africa 2020 Application Criteria

Green Agribusiness Fund (GAF) 2021  Selection Process

Green Agribusiness Fund (GAF) 2021  Process

Application Starts 1st July 2021

For more Information: Visit the website for GAF 2021 APPLICATION

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