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Induction Self Activation:  Induction is the next step after Randomization. KYEOP Youths who are successfully selected through the Randomization process are invited for Induction. Induction Activation is a process of confirming youth details as well as verifying intention to participate in the project.


Usually, we would have youth congregate at a venue and information about the project shared by youth officers after which youth officers activate the youth who decide to participate in the project.Due to covid restrictions, we would like to limit physical meetings to very few numbers and as a result self activation is highly encouraged.

Information about the project will be provided here so you can read through and decide if you would like to participate. Should you opt to participate, follow the instructions to self activate.

KYEOP Youth Self Activation Procedure

Should you opt to participate in the project, follow the instructions below

1) Go to the URL http://mis.kyeop.go.ke/live/mis Login with Username: Your ARN and Password: Your ID Number

KYEOP Youth Self Activation Procedure for Participants

2) After login you’ll be required to provide a One Time Pin (OTP). This is sent to the phone number used during application. Check your phone and enter the OTP to proceed.

KYEOP Youth Self Activation Procedure for Participants

3) Click Self Activation Button upon login

KYEOP Youth Self Activation Procedure for Participants

4) In case there is a delay in receiving the One Time Pin on your phone, Click Resend PIN to Phone.

KYEOP Youth Self Activation Procedure for Participants

5) Confirm your details are captured correctly i.e Names, Phone, Gender and Email. You can correct incase any of these details are wrong.

6) Upload Photos; National ID, Bank Card and Passport Photo

7) Select your preferred LST and CBST training subcounty. Note that this will not change. Ensure it’s a subcounty close to where you live to reduce transport cost.

8) Successful Activation will display a success message as below on the browser. You will in addition receive a text message confirming your activation.

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