This global issue foreshadows other devastating social and environmental problems ranging from accelerating global warming to loss of biodiversity, which if left unchecked, could ultimately drive the world to a climate crisis.

To that end, What Design Can Do (WDCD) in collaboration with The IKEA Foundation is calling on forward-thinking individuals who can create innovative solutions to identify and tackle the problems of waste. If this describes you, why not participate in the No Waste Challenge 2021.


Launched by What Design Can Do (WDCD) in partnership with The IKEA Foundation, the No Waste Challenge is a global competition. It seeks to support creatives whose innovative solutions can reduce waste and reassess our entire production and consumption cycle.

This program aims to enhance participants’ entrepreneurial skills, networking, presentation, and communication as well as pave the way to further development and funding.

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The development program covers a six-month period, starting with a week-long Bootcamp and ending with a pitch at a global or local WDCD event.

The WDCD Bootcamp sets the event off to a good start as it allows participants to get to know each other before diving into the program developed by Impact Hub.

Hence, through its initiatives, WDCD is on the lookout for ground-breaking ideas on how to encourage more mindful consumption; how to produce for both people and the planet; and how we can handle waste more responsibly.

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Finalists of the No Waste Challenge 2021 will be selected by an international jury of leading experts in design, climate action, and social impact.


For more information visit the official webpage of No Waste Challenge 2021 

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