Deadline: 21st March, 2021

Application is now open for the French-Africa Young Leaders Program 2021. The French-African Foundation has launched the Young Leaders program in response to the immense global challenges of the 21st century, which require a new generation of leaders whose ambition is to be true agents of change.

Selected candidates must show the talent, passion and shared values that have the potential to contribute to transformative change, in Africa and in France, and most importantly in the world. They must be committed and motivated to engage their potential and leadership to drive this change, as part of the Young Leaders program and Community.


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1. Can you introduce yourself in a few words ?

2. Why do you want to join the French-African Young Leaders program ?

3. How would you describe your link with France and Africa and what is your vision of the African continent and its relations with the world ?

– Optional : two letters of reference maximum from people who know you well, and the contact details of two people that we could reach and who could tell us more about you.

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To be selected, applicants must possess the following:

PLEASE NOTE that entries that do not follow these instructions will be automatically disqualified.

If you have any question or if you need any help, please contact us at


For more information visit the official webpage of french-africa young leaders program 2021

For more information visit the official webpage of Young Social Entrepreneurs

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