President Cyril Ramaphosa Launches National Pathway Management Network

President Cyril Ramaphosa this morning virtually delivered the keynote address commemorating #YouthDay. He also launched the National Pathway Management Network.The network will provide young work-seekers with a range of support including training for work-readiness.

KwaZulu-Natal says the 45th anniversary of the Soweto Uprising reminds the country of the role played by youth in the fight against marginalisation and discrimination. #YouthDay2021

The President, in launching SA Youth national pathway management network, says the initiative brings together eight departments, led by @deptoflabour , to form a network that will support young people to find a pathway into the economy.

This will see the Basic Education Employment Initiative extended to support the employment of young people throughout the country. He says a Presidential Youth Service is being established that will create opportunities for youths to meaningfully contribute to their communities.

“Our challenges today are many but those are challenges of the youth of today. Nearly 64% of our youth are unemployed, something no country can afford. Young people grow the economy, they are the source of innovation and new ideas cause they have energy,” he says Zikalala says the crisis of unemployment puts a stain on the sacrifices of the youth of 1976. He says there needs to be a social compact ensuring the creation of jobs opportunities for the youth. The province has created a war room on the crisis

He says the Presidential Employment Stimulus, launched last year, has had a great impact on the youth.

He says the province will later this month launch the R300 million Operation Vula Fund, providing financial support to women and young entrepreneurs in manufacturinghttps:

“As a caring government we continue to work with our youth and society in moving the country forward. Government has done a lot but can’t do it alone,” she said. “Some day we shall arrive.”

He says brave youths in ‘76 rose up in their uniforms against shouting “down with Afrikaans”. “They were rebelling against abantu education. It was no education, but a tool to keep blacks in perpetual servitude. Many lost lives, most into hiding and go wandering,” he says.

He says their actions were meant by fire of resistance that the government of the day could not extinguish. “When many of our youths were prisoned, they showed the world that freedom is not given.” SA today is a better placed because of them.

“In honouring the legacy of the ‘76 generation, the government has ensured that there is universal access to education – from Gr R to higher education. In six years, NSFAS was argument fives times. It is now R30.7 billion. This is meant to ensure free education”

“We will continue to support the informal and formal sector so they create more employment,” says the Minister. She encourages youth to look-up and emulate the fallen young stalwarts as they have the possibility to transform crisis into opportunity.

Young people are encouraged to sign up to join the network and access opportunities through

President Cyril Ramaphosa Launches National Pathway Management Network

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