iDixcover Opportunities promote a life-changing Opportunities. I am a beneficiary of one of the opportunities advertised. I am a lab scientist, and I subsequently applied for one of the schemes they posted on their page on the deadline day. I was lucky to be one of the 15 applicants selected for the cohort and the last four fellows. After 12 weeks virtual training, I was attached to a mentor from Bulgaria and we eventually came out winner of the final pitch competition. All thanks to the opportunity I found on iDixcover Opportunities page. The year 2020 is tough, but you can still make your dreams come true.

Owolabi Ayowole

CEO/Founder SCiAg.

Hello. I’m Hafsah Muhammad Ahmad and I’m one of the lucky individuals who got the opportunity to participate in an online training, learning about makeup skills and facial treatment organized by iDixcover Opportunities. The opportunity came at the right moment for me because I had an allergic reaction and needed to learn how to take care of my skin. I got to find out how to identify various skin types, what to use and how to use it to take perfect care of my skin. My skin is now flawless and I have been able to give some advice to my family and friends as well. I would like to thank iDixcover Opportunities for this training.

Hafsah Muhammad


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