Youth Employment Service (YES) 4 Youth Programme for South Africans

The Youth Employment Service (YES) 4 YOUTH is part of President Ramaphosa Initiative, a 12-month quality work experience to equip unemployed South African youth with a toolkit to be a beacon of hope for their families, households and communities.

The CV & reference letter they get at the end of their 12-months gives them a 3 x greater chance of an interview call-back.

To be considered for yes 4 youth work experience placements you must be South African and between the ages of 18-35yrs.


To be considered for work experience placements please register your details with YES. We will email you to confirm your registration. We will then send emails with updates. Start by registering


Building work experience placements takes time. While we’re working hard to do so, we’d like you to work hard too. Complete the available work readiness modules online to get ready for your yes 4 youth journey. Access the work readiness modules by downloading the toolkits below.


This part is up to you. YES, it’s clients and partners consider everyone in the area with matching skills. You may be called in for an interview by the employer. Remember that to get the job you need to put your best foot forward. So, dress as smart as you can, speak with confidence, make eye contact, and smile.


yes 4 youth jobs ! If you are shortlisted, interviewed and selected by the employer, you’ll be sent an offer for the work experience placement. If you decide to take the placement, you’ll sign a contract with the business that you will be working for.


Now you are on your way! When you start your placement, you will be given a smartphone. Along with your work duties, you will also need to fill in surveys on the YES app. When you complete your work experience, you will leave with new skills, an updated CV and a reference letter – all of this helps you find your next job!

How To Apply for Youth Employment Service (YES) 4 YOUTH

To be considered for YES work experience placements please register your details with YES. We will email you to confirm your registration. We will then send emails with updates. Start by registering, 


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